from the original on 2016-10-19 A JDL spokesman declared that Odeh "got exactly what he deserved
"Jews don't walk freely in the streets of Moscow," he said, warning, "Russians won't walk freely here Willis Car-to, the director of the Institute, was assaulted by one JDL member after he began to write down car license plate numbers

See June 1988 and February 10, 1994 regarding the trial and sentencing of Robert Manning.

Rhode Island Junior Development League
No one claimed responsibility for these incidents
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' It is an 'above-ground' organization, an activist, ideological movement which operates in full view of the public and police
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He was convicted on June 13, 1975 " June 9, 1980 A JDL official in California, predicting a new Holocaust, urged Jews to arm themselves
from the original on 2016-10-19 We train ourselves for the defense of Jewish lives and Jewish rights

July 11, 1978 Kahane and several associates broke into a Russian Orthodox Church in Jerusalem and sprayed black paint on the walls to protest the Soviet trial of Anatoly Shcharansly.

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February 22, 1973 Ten members of the JDL took over and vandalized the offices of the World Council of Churches in New York
The Jewish Defense League
outside the Syrian Mission to the United Nations
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Robert Manning was previously convicted in 1972 for "placing an incendiary device" outside the home of two Arabs in Los Angeles