Made in abyss. Made In Abyss Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Plot

After Riko is fascinated by old relics stowed away, Marulk wishes that Riko and Reg can stay a bit longer so they can delve together Because it would leave Riko and Reg defenseless, Ozen suggests for Reg to use the Incinerator as a last resort, since he would faint within minutes and remain unconscious for two hours
Nanachi befriends a young girl named Mitty, and together they were sent down to the sixth layer in one of Bondrewd's experiments He helped Riko hide Reg's true nature from the adults and like Nat, knew of Riko's plans to search for her mother in the Abyss

Nanachi then joins Riko and Reg in their quest to reach the bottom of the Abyss.

Made in Abyss
She is quite stern, and has some interesting punishments for children who disobey the rules of the orphanage
Made In Abyss Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Plot
Bondrewd uses Sparagmos, a relic that generates a mysterious blade of light, to blast his way free
Made In Abyss Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Plot
The series was directed by and written by , with animation by and character designs by Kazuchika Kise
He is currently in his 20s Bondrewd is revealed to use his original body to create his White Whistle
As a human child, Nanachi resided in the slums, scavenging for food and written media, eating from the trash and learning to read ancient glyphs Ozen instructs Riko and Reg to avoid the other White Whistles who are currently exploring the fifth layer

As a hungry Riko drags Reg along, she is lured in and swallowed by an amakagame, a bulbous creature, having to cut her way out of its stomach using a dagger.

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Made In Abyss Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Plot
After narrowly escaping, Reg falls unconscious, leaving Riko to fend for herself
Made in Abyss
Before leaving the hideout, Riko, Reg and Nanachi prepare preserved medicines, sort delving equipment, procure water-repellent materials, rehabilitate the arm, construct a support and complete a new backpack
The short films include running a small errand with the help of , as well as Marulk having a recollection of his scary past which reveals his first heartwarming encounter with Ozen After setting up camp in the cavern, Riko and Reg can now see the fourth layer, the Goblets of Giants
A distraught Riko is finally relieved after finding out that Prushka's consciousness has been converted into a Life Reverberating Stone, the material that White Whistles are cut from Ozen then shares the secrets of the Abyss accessible only to the White Whistles

The anime, which first came out in 2017, has yet to catch up to where the manga is.

Made In Abyss Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Plot
Riko and Nat carry the robot boy back to their home at Belchero Orphanage, stashing him away in a shed
Made in Abyss
Some legendary Cave Raiders earn the title of White Whistle, one of them being Riko's mother, Lyza, who is presumed dead after taking a "last descent" into the Abyss
Made in Abyss
Nanachi uses , and the writer has left Nanachi's gender intentionally ambiguous