شفوت اليمني. «المولدون».. يمنيون في المنفى ومنفيون في اليمن

It will be thick, so you need to thin it with the milk Here is now made in some homes on Bakr Eid
i'm Hisham from Yemen and i know some how about Yemeni dialect on I make the Yaf3ee Aseed that way

Keep on mixing and mixing and mixing for about half an hour—either on the stove or take it down to the floor.

الشفوت اليمني من مطبخي بالصور
And yes it is a thing the one must see how its done to fully understand how to make it
Quick Shafuut [ شفوت يمني سريع]
If you make it for two or three people you might be able to manage on your own—if it is your first time—but for more than that you will need some extra muscles to help you make it
«المولدون».. يمنيون في المنفى ومنفيون في اليمن
What i mean is that did you add water, mix in well, and then leave on the stove to cook
Look forward to your other receipes…… Once it starts boiling and thickening then turn it off
While the chicken is frying, in a blender place the vegetable with half a cup of water and blend well Do not stop or the contents might develop stubborn lumps that will be very hard to get rid of

Only the types of flour are different.

شفوت يمني باللحوح
Also I found the Lahoh recipe on your website
«المولدون».. يمنيون في المنفى ومنفيون في اليمن
Most Yemeni food is learned better through SIGHT—flours differ from one country to another, brand to another, and we use A LOT of flour
Quick Shafuut [ شفوت يمني سريع]
Hold it firmly in place