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On the left, jamoes's above 536-byte picture The idea of storing a bunch of reference images is interesting
No work will be done for the rest of the day Of course you are also free to save the message as a text file and read it back in or write a tool which accesses the Twitter API and filters out any message that looks like an image code special markers anyone? Preform RLE on the packed results to remove any duplication of characters It turns out that this does work, but only to a limited extent as you can see from the sample images below

Edit : here is how the compression method compares with JPEG.

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I will update the chart on the website as I complete the testing
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It's the PSNR and MS-SSIM record holder for image compression, and I thought it would be interesting to see how it performs for this particular task
The basic idea behind mine is as follows:• Some data releases are lot more important than others
Add some compression to the above and It could start looking viable But the rule is that the message has to have gone through Twitter before you are allowed to decode it

I used the reference Mona Lisa image provided and scaled it down to 100x150 then used DLI to compress it to 344 bytes.

note the original guidelines ruled out restricting the input to images already in the library - I'm not suggesting that
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For the 512x512 Lena reference image the running time was 1182ms
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Also, I updated the compression a bit more so it can now act upon the entire string as opposed to just the color count block
As some people correctly noticed this is different from what you could send as a SMS text message from your mobile Please feel free to offer me any suggestions on what I could have done better or what might be wrong with the code
What is not explictily mentioned but what my personal rule was is that you should be able to select the tweeted message in your browser, copy it to the clipboard and paste it into a text input field of your decoder so it can display it In terms of output, what follows is a sample tweet, specifically for the Lena image shown in the samples


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The following is my approach to the problem and I must admit that this was quite an interesting project to work on, it is definitely outside of my normal realm of work and has given me a something new to learn about
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Down-sample the image gray-scale such that there were a total of 16 different shades• In the original challenge the size limit is defined as what Twitter still allows you to send if you paste your text in their textbox and press "update"