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Legacy PubMed, which has been available in parallel with the new PubMed, will be finally taken down after October 31, 2020 United States National Library of Medicine
Millions of PubMed records augment various datasets about , like PubMed includes the features you rely on for searching, saving, and sharing your results

On the other side, articles more recently incorporated into the database to which descriptors have not yet been assigned will not be found.

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About MEDLINE® and PubMed®: The Resources Guide
Data analysis tools like are used by libraries to assist with cancellations: libraries can avoid subscriptions for materials already served by instant via like PubMed Central
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Without the need to store about 90 GB of original PubMed Datasets, anybody can write PubMed applications using the eutils-application program interface as described in "The E-utilities In-Depth: Parameters, Syntax and More", by Eric Sayers, PhD
As of the same date , 20 million of PubMed's records are listed with their abstracts, and 21 International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care
For more information about the development of the new PubMed, please see the NLM What do you think of the new PubMed? The search using the thesaurus MeSH is more accurate and will give fewer irrelevant results

Sample web pages include , , , and.

Each number that is entered in the PubMed search window is treated by default as if it were a PMID
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See the for more information
The PubMed system was offered free to the public starting in June 1997
Convert PubMedCentral IDs to PubMed IDs In an effort to consolidate similar resources and make information easier to find, the National Library of Medicine will be retiring its website, effective October 31, 2018, and providing the same or similar content through more widely used NLM resources, namely , , and
The Entrez system provides search and retrieval operations for most of these data from 38 distinct databases United States National Library of Medicine

We needed to make major changes under the hood new databases, cloud delivery, new web architecture, etc.

About MEDLINE® and PubMed®: The Resources Guide
Some 3,200 sites mainly academic institutions participate in this NLM facility as of March 2010 , from in Denmark to in Seattle
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The action menu Figure 1 now contains Collections and My Bibliography, allowing you to manage and share groups of citations
In these cases, queries of PubMed are written as lines of code and passed to PubMed and the response is then processed directly in the programming environment