الطلب من زارا تركيا. مكافحة السرقة المهنية زارا تركيا وأجهزة الإنذار

I was Only required to return the item so I did! You have to request a chat again! they say their lines are busy and to try again! Eventually, a refund is processed but do I have to experience hassle first before a refund is initiated? So I returned the item properly like the instructions indicated: Zara first ask to verify order number and tracking number, understandable protocol I expected a much cleaner stitch
Be a little different, change it up with a funky jacket that makes a great piece from computer work to computing the tip at your favorite after work watering hole!! This will be my first and last time shopping here

Why is this so difficult? Lazy days, gifts for family and my husband, all under one roof!! I just called on the phone about this package.

طريقة الطلب من زارا التركي
مكافحة السرقة المهنية زارا تركيا وأجهزة الإنذار
Why is there need for additional proof of delivery if I provided a tracking number which indicates the exact item? The chat system is horrible
موقع زارا تركيا
Who said designer chic has to break the bank, not with a Zaraein your side!! The fit of the item ultimately did not work for me At this time I am trying to chat with customer service through their chat about a missing item from my order- and if you step away for two seconds- the chat times out
As if people have all day to just continue to try to contact Zara about an issue with an order My initial rating was Zero for overall poor


موقع زارا تركيا
موقع زارا تركيا
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